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IT Support

We have faith that we are the most remarkable Small Business IT Support providers in New Zealand.

All the latest technology, skill, experience, processes, training and products that you might expect from some big IT companies are exactly offered to you at a very competitive price which is affordable for our all small and medium size companies.

Onsite IT Support Service to your Doorstep

Our on-site technicians provide responsive and cost-effective support for clients in their business and at home.  Because they carry the tools required

Offsite Repair

We have a dedicated technical team and workshop located at our office where all offsite repairs can be carried out quickly.  This facility provides an alternative to our on-site service

Sick of your computer running slow?

Installation of New Hardware

Sure it is easy enough to pull a new computer out of a box, but have you

considered the following?

Remote Support

Whether it is a common Microsoft application issue or a complex server problem, our dedicated helpdesk team are here to help.  Armed with extensive knowledge and the best tools out there, you can rest assured knowing that our help desk team can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

A PC TUNE-UP : From ($199)

Like cars, computers need to be serviced regularly to keep them running in top shape, we recommend you have your computer serviced once every 12 months. We offer unique PC Tune-Up and PC Overhaul fixed price services that will prolong the life of your computer.

Contact us today via our email at E-mail: or reach us over the phone on 0800 001745

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